Meet Electa Norris

Electa Norris

Name: Electa Norris


Age: 13 winters

Appearance: Electa has blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s short and little stout.

Birthplace: Atada

Family: Electa was given to her grandparents as a baby, but once she received the Shield of Evalach, they sent her Corleon for fear of reprisals from the Arcana Maximus. Electa has no idea who or where her parents are, for her grandparents never told her.

Current Home: Ymla, Corleon

Weapon: Shield of Evalach – the shield carried by Joseph of Arimathea in the Arthurian legends. It allows Electa to project a shield around herself and others.

Pantheon: Arthurian

Other Info: Electa is extremely smart when it comes to books, but she’s terribly timid when it comes to her magic, so much so that Damion and others fear that she may be more harmful than helpful as a Shadow Walker. She is loyal to her friends, though she truly trusts no one.

Favorite Foods: Electa loves Old Marshall’s fist meals above all others, but she’s also a big fan of the jelly candy she gets in Ymla. She’s cautious about eating sweets and never overdoes it, but the jellies are her true weakness. She also enjoys fried eggs and oatmeal and doesn’t like meats for breakfast.

Fears: Electa fears her own insecurities. She knows she lacks when it comes to courage, and this frightens her. She tries to step up like the others do, but she often finds herself frozen. This only feeds her fear and increases her inability to act.

Favorite Teacher: Electa enjoys history class with Mr. Bickersteth. She finds his knowledge of the history of Grevared and the various races fascinating and does all she can to learn more.

Greatest Desire: Electa wants to know who her parents are and where they went.


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Meet Ethan Grimley

Ethan VintageName: Ethan Grimley III

Age: 12 winters

Appearance: strawberry blonde hair, green eyes

Family: Ethan is the son of Gregory and Eva Grimley. He had an older sister, but she died when he was little.

Hometown: Land’s End, Moirena

Current Home: Ymla, Corleon

Favorite Subject: Combat

Friends: Kayne Soulton, Faylen Icebreeze, Electa Norris

Favorite Teacher: Damion Simmons

God/dess: Gaia

Pantheon: Greek

Weapon: Harpe

Weapon’s Features: The Harpe of Gaia gives Ethan strength and accuracy beyond his skill. It also glows and can provide light.

Favorite Activities: Ethan loves hanging out with his friends. He enjoys practicing his combat skills and playing kickball.

Favorite Foods: Ethan loves fist meals – meat, cheese, and veggies between two slices of bread. He also enjoys griddle cakes, candy, his mother’s bread and pastries, and warm soup on a cold day.

Fears: Ethan is afraid of not measuring up to others’ expectations of him. This causes him to charge into situations without thinking about dangers and consequences.

Greatest Desire: Ethan wishes more than anything to be the greatest Shadow Walker that ever lived. He wants to fight monsters and other creatures, and he wants to travel to all the lands of Grevared.


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Learning Experience

Well, I’ve been learning how to use the software to make my covers what I want them to be, and I think I’ve finally made one I like for Wolf in the Shadow. Now, I’ve just got to do the others. The new cover should be on all ebooks and print books in the next couple of days. It took a while, but at least I finally figured it out.


A Walker is Born

Those who’ve been around a while know that the first book in The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III is A Walker is Born. Since book three is coming out this October, I decided to make the first book permanently free where I could. The above link is for the platforms where it is free. Hopefully, it won’t be long before I can have it free on Amazon as well.

Best wishes!

The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III

I was concerned that I might not get book three, Revenge of Cronus finished in time to release in October, but it looks like I’m right on track. That being the case, I went ahead and did a trailer for it. Hope you enjoy.

Best wishes!

Are We Letting the Good Stories Die?

stack-of-books-1001655_1920I’ve always been an avid reader.  Even as a small child there was nothing I liked better than curling up with a good book.

Some of my favorite books have always been those by Raymond E. Feist.  These books are set in the world of Midkemia and revolve around the events of that world.

The primary character for the entire series is a magician named Pug.  However, he isn’t the only character, and we get the opportunity to meet many inhabitants of Midkemia througout the series.  The stories often have several plot lines running simultaneously, and it’s necessary to keep up with a number of characters at a time.  This is one of the things that makes the series great.  It isn’t just following along behind one person for an untold number of books.  The world and the stories sre rich and diverse, at least in the beginning.

Books now aren’t written this way, which is one reason I spend more time re-reading my favorites than purchasing new ones.  Books now are written for people with a short attention span who don’t want to put the time into understanding a complex story.  Some of them simply don’t have the time, but I often wonder if, for others, it’s simply a matter of not wanting to bother.  We have TV and the internet, after all, so why would we take the time to get to know an entire world’s worth of people, especially if we have to think while doing it?

I get it.  I really do.  I myself work almost fifty hours a week, have children to care for, a house to run, plus I’m trying to create my own world and populate it.  That makes for a lot of hours and not a lot of free time. Still, though, when I sit down to read I want something with depth.  I want a world I can dive into and forget about all the responsibilities, a place to unwind.   I want the character interactions and conflicts, the subplots, the hints and innuendo – something complex that I have to think about.  I don’t want a book I can read in the time it takes to watch your average TV show; I have Netflix for that.

So my question today is…are we killing our stories?  Are we insisting that they be something we can consume during our drive to work or while taking our daily bowel movement rather than wanting a tale we can dedicate our time to and get something meaningful out of in return? Are we even able to get something more than a momentary diversion from our books?  Sometimes I wonder, especially when even my favorite authors, those whose stories have kept my attention for years, have fallen into this trap and now only give me the surface, the bare bones of the story, instead of allowing me to dive into a world with depth and dimension.  Sure, I still support these authors, and I still enjoy their books to a lesser degree, but I miss the older books and the hours of enjoyment they brought.