Character Thoughts – Ethan Grimley III


final-cover-with-bookThose who’ve read The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III know that Ethan can be a bit strong-willed. He also has a certain disregard for the rules when it suits him, especially when he thinks he’s doing the right thing. The first time we see this is in A Walker is Born when Ethan skips school and disobeys his mother to check on Damion. Needless to say, his mother has four kinds of hissy fits, but Ethan just jumps right back at her. After all, he doesn’t understand why she worries so much about him. In Cronus Attacks Ethan takes off out the door when the Shadow Walker guild hall is attacked even though the students are ordered to remain indoors. He does it again when Faylen is taken, and it is because of Ethan and his friends that Cronus is defeated.

Much of Ethan’s behavior can be chalked up to childhood recklessness. From the perspective of an adult who’s raised three boys, I can understand how the adults around Ethan would want to keep him and the others safe. They’re children after all. On the other hand, I wonder if we keep our children too safe, keep them too shielded from the world around them. We have this idea that everyone gets a trophy and that no one should fail, but is this fair to the kids? Do they benefit from being raised in this environment?

From a parental perspective, I can understand not wanting your child to carry the weapon of a god, and I can understand wanting to keep him safe. Mine are grown, but come for them. I dare you. However, I can also see the wisdom of letting the children figure things out for themselves. I can understand how Ethan would feel that he was capable of handling the situation himself because I felt like I knew what I was doing at that age. (Doesn’t mean I did know, but I felt like I did.) I was quite capable of analyzing a situation and deciding on a course of action. I didn’t need someone standing over me telling me what to do every minute of every day. In fact, what I needed more than anything was for folks to back off and let me figure it out.

I think this is one of the things I try to portray with Ethan and his friends. The decisions Ethan has to make are his and his alone. No one can tell him whether to accept Gaia’s gift or not, and determining how to fight an enemy that is coming for him is knowledge he needs to have. You don’t get it in the classroom, regardless of what the subject is. I’m surely not encouraging students to skip school and the like, but I think there are times when we, as adults, need to back off and let them figure it out. Our children need to be able to enter the adult world knowing they can handle it. Will that happen if we hold their hands until they’re thirty? Do we want them to go out into the world frozen as Electa is so much of the time?

How much freedom of decision do you think children should have?


The Super Secret Science Club – S.C. Davis

51dIJnE0YpL__SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Book One: I’ll never forget my science teacher’s words the day he recruited us as spies: “I’m a member of a secret organization called the Rosalind Group, whose original mission was to find and prevent cases of stolen scientific research. But one day, everything changed, and I didn’t understand why. Eventually, I figured it out…we weren’t the good guys anymore… …the Rosalind Group is no longer protecting scientists from having their research stolen. We’re now the ones who are stealing it.” Apparently research wasn’t all they were stealing; they were stealing the scientists themselves! I suppose “kidnapping” is the proper word. And that’s where we came in. Six science-savvy seventh graders. One missing scientist. And the need for some serious out-smarting. But there’s just one more mystery involved: how was I supposed to do this without lying to everyone I know? I was sworn to secrecy…but I ended up breaking my promise. “Case of the Disappearing Glass” is the first book in the Super-Secret Science Club series. Follow Jenna and her classmates as they unravel mysteries and tackle critical missions, all while trying to survive middle school!


51NUViuVCOL__SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Book Two: What’s worse than being in seventh grade, and trying to solve a kidnapping? Being in seventh grade, and trying to solve TWO kidnappings. Especially when one of those is your own teacher. The very same one who got you into this spy business in the first place. Lucky for me and the other five members of the Super-Secret Science Club (we call it the S3C for short), help arrived right when we needed it: the day we realized Mr. Gregory wasn’t just on vacation. Her name is Claire, and what she told us that day is what set everything in motion for the biggest stunt we’d ever pulled in our twelve years on this planet. There’s just one tiny problem: I sort of got myself kicked out of the S3C. Sure, I deserved it. But when the night of the Gala arrived—the night we were going to take down the Rosalind Group and rescue Dr. Wyatt and Mr. Gregory—I found something. I know they told me to stay away. But I couldn’t let my friends walk head first into danger. Not when the discovery I had just made was the only way to protect them. “The Secrets of Rosalind” is the second book in the Super-Secret Science Club series. Follow Jenna and her classmates as they unravel mysteries and tackle critical missions, all while trying to survive middle school!


Meet Electa Norris

Electa Norris

Name: Electa Norris


Age: 13 winters

Appearance: Electa has blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s short and little stout.

Birthplace: Atada

Family: Electa was given to her grandparents as a baby, but once she received the Shield of Evalach, they sent her Corleon for fear of reprisals from the Arcana Maximus. Electa has no idea who or where her parents are, for her grandparents never told her.

Current Home: Ymla, Corleon

Weapon: Shield of Evalach – the shield carried by Joseph of Arimathea in the Arthurian legends. It allows Electa to project a shield around herself and others.

Pantheon: Arthurian

Other Info: Electa is extremely smart when it comes to books, but she’s terribly timid when it comes to her magic, so much so that Damion and others fear that she may be more harmful than helpful as a Shadow Walker. She is loyal to her friends, though she truly trusts no one.

Favorite Foods: Electa loves Old Marshall’s fist meals above all others, but she’s also a big fan of the jelly candy she gets in Ymla. She’s cautious about eating sweets and never overdoes it, but the jellies are her true weakness. She also enjoys fried eggs and oatmeal and doesn’t like meats for breakfast.

Fears: Electa fears her own insecurities. She knows she lacks when it comes to courage, and this frightens her. She tries to step up like the others do, but she often finds herself frozen. This only feeds her fear and increases her inability to act.

Favorite Teacher: Electa enjoys history class with Mr. Bickersteth. She finds his knowledge of the history of Grevared and the various races fascinating and does all she can to learn more.

Greatest Desire: Electa wants to know who her parents are and where they went.


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The Shizzuria Wasteland – What the Heck is Gonna Live Here?

Riverland Pearlrest and Shizzuria WastelandThe Shizzuria Wasteland shares a continent with Riverland Pearlrest, a collection of rich communities made up of those who made their fortunes mining the precious minerals that are found in the mountains of the wasteland.

The Shizzuria Wasteland is a glacier several miles thick.  The climate is one of perpetual winter with year round snow storms and temperatures that rarely reach above freezing.  The only real resources in this area are the minerals that have been mined from the mountains, and most of the small towns in the Shizzuria Wasteland are mining towns.

Four small towns sit on the edge of the glacier: Grenvor, Whitedale, Pearlwater Sky, and Shizzuria Landing.  With the exception of Pearlwater Sky, which is the eastern port of the continent, these are rustic towns with only the most basic goods.  Newpost and Ofleim are larger towns with a little more to offer, though all are affected by the weather.

A railroad connects most of the towns in Riverland Pearlrest and the Shizzuria Wasteland; however, the tracks are impassable in the coldest months of the year, and freak snow storms in the warmer months can also render them useless.

Several ruins dot the wasteland, and these are sources of great interest to many of the Halfling communities in the area.  It is not uncommon to find groups of Halflings, as well as those from the academic institutions of other countries, travelling the wasteland in search of knowledge.  Some believe many of the ruins come from the time before The Catastrophe, while others work hard to prove that this isn’t the case.

A number of creatures populate the mountains and forests of the Shizzuria Wasteland.  One of these is the coniklo, a creature like a horned rabbit, that lives in the mountain region.  Another creature that inhabits the wasteland is the dajowjut.  This being is somewhat bearlike with a long snout and talons.  It can walk on either two feet or four feet, and it will search relentlessly for humanoids to eat.

Now, here’s where I start running into trouble.  I want there to be original creatures in the world of Grevared, especially since the world itself is an amalgamation of all thirteen planes of existence.  However, I think there should be wolves and reindeer as well, things that we all recognize as belonging in a frozen wasteland.

I’ve pretty much binge-watched most of the Wildest Arctic show on Netflix (I’m in love, by the way), and there are so many possibilities here.  The show covers the Arctic Sea, the Taiga forest, and tons of other areas I would absolutely love to see.  The beauty of these places is breath-taking, and there’s such a diverse animal population that it’s hard to decide just what to use to populate the land.  However, I’m thinking something like the North American Musk Oxen has got to be there.  This creature is just downright cool.  Their skulls are seventeen centimeters thick, which comes in handy since they don’t seem real bright.  Banging their heads together just for the right to mate with females?  Whatever.  I can just hear the sound echoing through the quiet of the wasteland, perhaps catching Erastus’s attention and pulling him off track.

The mountain regions of the Shizzuria Wasteland are rocky and steep.  There are cavesSnow Falling used by the Rangers all through them, but there really isn’t a long of greenery; the ice doesn’t melt enough to allow it.  What little forest exists on the wasteland is around the town of Whitedale, one of those just at the edge of the glacier.  This could create a problem for herbivore species unless they live primarily in Riverland Pearlrest and simply cross the Shizzuria Wasteland.  I suppose that’s a possibility, but Riverland Pearlrest is much more developed than the wasteland.  In fact, there’s even an amusement park in Riverland Pearlrest.  So, more creatures could live there, but the humanoids who have built manors there aren’t going to take too kindly to it.  Perhaps there needs to be a forest, at least a small one, among the mountains.  At least some way for creatures to eat.  On the other hand, if there isn’t, then that leaves lots of possibilities for animals and the like to invade the towns.  Hmmm…….

And what about the lights?  Grevared exists in a void space with its own rules of physics, so there’s a lot about our world that simply doesn’t work there.  However, the gods helped to fashion it, and there’s definitely an atmosphere.  It rains, it snows, but there’s never any real sunshine.  So, would lights of some kind work?  They obviously couldn’t be the Northern or Southern Lights, but could there be some kind of phenomena that only occurs over the Shizzuria Wasteland?  It’s something to consider.

This is where world building gets a little complicated.  There are so many possibilities and details to consider, especially since the story I’m currently working on is based here, that it can make one’s head spin.  Still, though, it also makes for hours of entertainment, and I never have a chance to get bored.

Best wishes!

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Learning Experience

wp-1461547632773.jpgWell, I’m three days into the five day free promotion for The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III: A Walker is Born, and I think I’ve finally gotten the ebook files fixed.  I’m pretty sure I’ve redone them at least once every 24 hours since the book went live, and, I’ll tell you, it’s been a learning experience.  Since this is my first one, besides the short story, which I don’t think gave me this much trouble, I haven’t had to deal too much with ebook conversion.  I’m hoping that in a few hours there will be a copy out that doesn’t make me cringe to think about. I’ve also neatened up the second book Cronus Attacks. I just wish I could’ve figured it all out before they went live. Oh well, live and learn. It’s fun to do either way.

Thanks to those who’ve downloaded Ethan already.  There are still two days left in the promotion for any who may want to check it out.

NOTE: The print version is fine.  It’s just the ebook that’s had problems.


Best wishes.

Ethan for Free


Book One of The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III will be free on Kindle next Thursday thru Monday (4/28-5/2).  If anyone is willing to read and review it, I would appreciate it.

I’ll admit to having some concerns about the Kindle file format.  In the previewer, it looked like some of the pages were tiny while others were normal.  At this point, I’m not sure if it was the previewer, my computer, or if there actually is a problem.

Best wishes.