Crochet for Home and Heart

collageOkay, I’m aware that these don’t really go with the nature of the blog, but I don’t really want to do a blog about crochet since there are so many wonderful ones out there, so I’ve listed them here.  Most of them are simple patterns suitable for beginners.

Bootie Slippers for All Ages – This pattern is for bootie slippers.  I included instructions for various.  The bootie pattern itself is a simple, beginner pattern; however, I also added patterns for decorations for the booties, and some of these are a little more complex.

Simple Charm This pattern is for a necklace with a pendant.  It’s an easy pattern, though it’s done with thin thread instead of yarn.

A Friend for Me – This is a doll pattern.  I believe the instructions are easy enough for beginners with a little experience, but it may be best for intermediate crocheters.

Toasty Hands – I like this simple fingerless glove pattern around the holidays because I can clear out my gift list in a couple of evenings.  These are made with simple stitches, so beginners should have no problem with them at all.  You can also add beads and other embellishments to them if you desire, and they aren’t difficult to make in varying sizes.

Little Purses for Little Things – This pattern came about one evening when I was going out and needed to carry just a couple of small things.  I wasn’t in the mood to carry the suitcase-sized purse I normally carry, so I made this so I could just stick in what I needed for those couple of hours and leave the other one in the car.  This, too, is a pattern of simple, basic stitches.

Soft and FluffyThis is a simple set of washcloths.  The patterns here are for the basic beginner, someone who has an idea of the stitches and wants to try to make something.

Great!  It’s Pumpkin Time! – This pattern contains two patterns for simple pumpkins.  What can I say?  It was fall, and I was in a crocheting mood.

Daddy’s Little Man – This one is a little more complex.  It’s a set of four toy tools for the little fella in your life.

My Cross to Bear – This one is the most complex pattern that I published.  It’s for a table centerpiece for either a large coffee table or a dining table.