Books by Lissa Dobbs

Yuletide Sparkle3D Cover no shadow

After losing her husband and children, Morgan is convinced she’ll be alone forever. In fact, she wants to be. It’s easier.

With a heart as cold as the Shizzuria Wasteland, Morgan keeps her distance from all around her. She has no cause or desire to celebrate Yuletide. But a friend sees the pain she tries to hide and gives her a gift she never imagined, something that just might help thaw her frozen soul.




Thin Book no backgroundWolf in the Shadow

Something is killing the good folks of Black Crystal. People are missing, and found remains are unidentifiable.

Friends since childhood, Timothy, Eleanor, and Justin know all there is to know about each other, or so they think. But when Eleanor disappears on a routine Shadow Walker assignment, old frustrations come to the surface. While Timothy and Justin desperately try to find her in a forest inhabited by mysterious creatures, Eleanor is forced to come to terms with a secret she didn’t know she had, one that goes against everything she believed herself to be.

And the thing in the forest? It’s the least of their worries.



Aradia's Secret Cover with BookAradia’s Secret

As a child, Gwennyth dreamed of taking a ship across the void and seeing the lands of Grevared. As an adult, she’s content to stay at home and spend her days researching magic. But all this ends when her mother Ravyn transposes forms at nearly 900 years old. Though she has been trained her entire life, Gwennyth is sure she isn’t up to the task of leading her people, and when their magic begins to fail, Gwennyth longs for someone else to step in.

But there isn’t anyone else. With nothing but a cryptic letter and her best friend, Gwennyth sets out to save her people. And find herself.



Cover with bookCorridors of the Mind

The mind has many twists and turns, hidden corridors we seldom tread. Is what we see real or imagined? What should we believe?

You decide.

The human mind is filled with twists and turns that many fear to traverse. Buried within its depths lie deep secrets and hidden strengths that only come forth through necessity. Some thoughts are better left in those lonely graves, the cellars where even dreams dare not invade.


Travel these corridors, these lonely places, and walk the halls others fear to tread.




3D bookJerrung and the Kwaad Cavern


At almost eight years old, Jerrung is sure he’s old enough to be a warrior, to have a real sword. His parents, on the other hand, disagree. They think he’s just a child.

But when Jerrung’s sister is kidnapped by the Kwaad, Jerrung knows his time has come. Jerrung isn’t going to wait for the rest of the village to make plans. He and his friends head into the mountains to rescue the prisoners.

Through dark tunnels and twisting mazes, the young dwarves seek out those they’ve lost and do their best to bring them out alive.



Path to Victory with ShadowThe Chronicles of Ethan Grimley: Path to Victory


Twelve-year-old Ethan Grimley is just like everyone else in Land’s End. He attends school at the Arcana Maximus, he helps out in his mother’s bakery, and he hangs out with his friends.

But when Ethan meets a stranger, one who seems to know him, his life spirals into a tangled maze that he doesn’t know how to traverse.

Hunted by those who want to know his secret and plagued by a family tragedy he doesn’t remember, Ethan must now choose between the life he’s always known and the life he’s always wanted to live.


Tainted cover with Steel Letters and ShadowThe Chronicles of Ethan Grimley: Tainted Victory


Coming from the small town of Land’s End at the southern tip of Moirena, Ethan has no idea what to make of the hustle and bustle of Ymla in Corleon. Narrow, crowded streets and horse-drawn trolleys are things he’s never seen before.

Then there’s the guild itself. A common room with billiards tables and Fizzy Drinks and the freedom to come and go as he pleases are things Ethan’s never experienced.

But his new life isn’t all fun and games.

On the day of Ethan’s arrival, the guild hall is attacked by harpies. No one knows who sent them or why, but the students are banned from investigating. A second attack, however, has his fellow Shadow Walkers wondering if Ethan is the target. Never one to ignore his curiosity, Ethan and his new friends take to the streets of Ymla to get to the bottom of the attacks, but when he finds out the truth, Ethan wishes he’d left it alone.


Path End Title Middle ShadowsThe Chronicles of Ethan Grimley: Path’s End


Ethan has finally settled in to his life as a Shadow Walker. Sure, he has to attend school, but with classes like combat, it isn’t too bad. On top of that, he’s made friends, so his life isn’t lonely or boring.

As Yuletide approaches, Ethan is looking forward to going home to see his family. And the best part? His friends are going with him.

After a harrowing trip across the void, Ethan finds himself once again at home. But nothing is how he left it. His best friends don’t take to his new friends, and his mother wants him to leave the Shadow Walkers. To make matters worse, Cronus again rears his head, and Ethan and his Shadow Walker friends must deal with the threat on their own.

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