Books by Lissa Dobbs

Clock CoverI’m one of those people who loves to create, and I’m actually not picky about the medium.  I enjoy staring at the kitchen cabinets and coming up with new cookie recipes just as much as I do sitting down with the skein of yarn and coming up with a new crochet pattern.

But, above all the others, I enjoy creating worlds, and I’ll probably do it forever, even if the only person playing in them is me.  It’s just downright fun to sit there and imagine a place where all the things I wish existed in this world really do exist.  Just think about it.  Riding a dragon.  Travelling through an endless void full of serpents on a ship that’s powered by both magic and technology.  Walking across an ice sheet that hides ancient ruins where magical texts sleep.  Could anything be better?

All that being said, this page, and its children, are dedicated to the books I have out that offer a glimpse into my worlds.

Best wishes!

Crochet for Home and Heart – this is a series of ebook crochet patterns.  Most of them are fairly simple and suitable for beginners.  The only one that is more complex is the doily/table centerpiece pattern of My Cross to Bear.

3D Cover no shadowYuletide Sparkle” – After losing her husband and children, Morgan is convinced she’ll be alone forever. In fact, she wants to be. It’s easier.

With a heart as cold as the Shizzuria Wasteland, Morgan keeps her distance from all around her. She has no cause or desire to celebrate Yuletide. But a friend sees the pain she tries to hide and gives her a gift she never imagined, something that just might help thaw her frozen soul.

The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III – this is a series of books for children 8-12ish.  The main character is Ethan Grimley, a boy of about twelve winters, who comes from the town of Land’s End in Moirena.  Ethan gets himself entangled in a situation that changes his life forever, whether he really wants it to or not.  There are currently three books in the series, and I’m working on the fourth.  For character bios and summaries visit my website at The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III has its own page here.

Thin Book no backgroundWolf in the Shadowthis is a novella about three friends, Shadow Walkers, and a foray into something that was more than they thought it would be.

Something is killing the good folks of Black Crystal. People are missing, and found remains are unidentifiable.

Friends since childhood, Timothy, Eleanor, and Justin know all there is to know about each other, or so they think. But when Eleanor disappears on a routine Shadow Walker assignment, old frustrations come to the surface. While Timothy and Justin desperately try to find her in a forest inhabited by mysterious creatures, Eleanor is forced to come to terms with a secret she didn’t know she had, one that goes against everything she believed herself to be.

And the thing in the forest? It’s the least of their worries.


Aradia's Secret Cover with BookAradia’s Secretthis is a novel that focuses on the wizards of E’ma Thalas rather than the Shadow Walkers. The main character, Gwennyth, is a bookworm who would rather stay locked in her library than leave her home and save her people.


As a child, Gwennyth dreamed of taking a ship across the void and seeing the lands of Grevared. As an adult, she’s content to stay at home and spend her days researching magic. But all this ends when her mother Ravyn transposes forms at nearly 900 years old. Though she has been trained her entire life, Gwennyth is sure she isn’t up to the task of leading her people, and when their magic begins to fail, Gwennyth knows she can’t do it.

But there isn’t anyone else. Her siblings have moved on from Crowrest, and Gwennyth is all that is left. With only her best friend Vonner in tow, Gwennyth sets out into the world of Grevared in search of the goddess Aradia. Her only clue to the goddess’s whereabouts is ‘look not in the places of the gods’. But finding the goddess isn’t her only task. Gwennyth must also find herself.


3D Horse SwampRise of the Mad Gods: Broken Treasure/For Love of HerAugustus is a scavenger, plain and simple, and he has no desire to be more. An outcast in town, he dreams of finding real treasure in the Heap, something that will ensure he never has to work.

Augustus thinks he’s found his dream when he finds the remains of a clockwork toy. Little does he know that there’s more to the toy than he expects, and Augustus encounters forces that finally give him a useful purpose in life.

He once had a job and a girl, but now his thoughts are filled with Her.

Her instructions are simple: he must gather Her children, and She will be his. He will bask in the glory of Her love. It’s his dream. But some dreams are nightmares in disguise. After all his efforts, he discovers that the identity he once had was better than the one he acquires.


3D desert coverRise of the Mad Gods: Life of a StarShe’s been a slave to the demons for as long as she can remember. Beaten and abused and violated in every way possible, she longs for her freedom. Her only solace is Anrorin’s voice in her head and his body in her dreams.

Until the day he steps from her thoughts and into reality. He offers her power and freedom, the two things she can’t resist, and, more, he reminds her of who she is.

But all gifts, even those from the gods, come with a price. And this time the cost may be far more than it’s worth.



Two Tales from Twisted Minds

3D Book no shadow Jeb and Inheritance


Inheritance – OlAmber’s family isn’t remotely close-knit, so when she’s summoned to her Grandpa’s house because of his will, she’s flabbergasted. Why would Grandpa have left her anything? She hasn’t spoken to him in twenty years.

To Amber’s surprise, Grandpa has left her the house and property. With a few provisions, of course. But will this gesture of generosity answer her prayers and provide for her dreams, or will Amber be saddled with a responsibility she can’t handle?

There’s only one way for her to find out.


Ol’ Jeb – Ol’ Jeb O’Flannery is a mean old coot. He’s spent his entire life ensuring that people fear him, and he’s taken advantage of that fear to get just what he wanted when he wanted it. But Ol’ Jeb is getting on up in years, so he decides it’s time to impose on his son and have himself a nice little home for the rest of his life. Jeb arrives at the door full of smiles and settles in. Little does he know that, sometimes, fear leads to desperate actions of self-preservation, and that, sometimes, other forces come into play to protect others.

 This is a short story.

3D coverWindows to the Soul

True horror isn’t found on the silver screen or in the pages of books. True horror is found in the mind, in the depths of the soul, the places where light is a distant memory.

​So Amy discovers in the halls of the nursing home where her mother works, and, later, in the eyes of her peers. Horror follows her everywhere until she learns the truth…eyes are truly the windows to the soul.

This is a short story.


3D bookJerrung and the Kwaad Cavern

Jerrung is a feisty little dwarf who lives in the village of Everstone in The Kingdom of Emerell. He and his friends are close-knit and there for each other through anything. Jerrung’s friends have their own adventures, which can be read for free at

At almost eight years old, Jerrung is sure he’s old enough to be a warrior, to have a real sword. His parents, on the other hand, disagree. They think he’s just a child.

But when Jerrung’s sister is kidnapped by the Kwaad, Jerrung knows his time has come. Jerrung isn’t going to wait for the rest of the village to make plans. He and his friends head into the mountains to rescue the prisoners.

Can the dwarves find their way through the tunnels before the Kwaad find them?


Cover with bookA Gift from Sir Klaus

In the small village of Everstone, Yuletide is a big deal. The entire village gathers to celebrate together, and everyone pitches in. Otnit is the meanest dwarf in town. The adults think he’s perfect, but the children know better. Otnit thinks no one will find out about his wrong-doing until a note from Sir Klaus shows him how wrong he is. Will Otnit learn his lesson this Yuletide? Draw Your Own Adventure books are for children ages 3-8. The books are large, with text at the top of each page, for your child to expand his/her artistic abilities as well as working on reading comprehension. Where are the cookies in Ynara’s kitchen? What color are her walls? These are just a couple of questions you can ask while you and your child read and draw together. Do you need a special gift for a special child? Illustrate the story yourself and have a book your child can treasure forever.