Aliyah’s Tears – Playing Around

Aliyah Melton Stephens ObituaryI’m still working on Aliyah’s Tears, and it’s still in the developmental phase, at least partially. To help myself with the story and some of the elements I want to bring into it, I created some newspaper articles that are relevant to the story. I’m not sure yet if they’ll all be used or if they will be images or text, but they were fun to work on.

They take place at different points in the story, though most of these are further in the past, things that occurred in the years before Aliyah met Victoria and Roxxie. The only exception is Aliyah’s obituary, which begins the story and is the reason for Victoria and Roxxie reconnecting.

They still need a bit of cleaning up, and the information in the articles may change a bit. A lot of it will depend on how the story goes and if it goes to plan.


Best wishes!

Abernathy Paper Closes June 1999

Melton Family Home Burns

Teenagers found Dead Chester Cross Herald 1986



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