Historical Tidbits

E'ma Thalas and the Xaggarene Empire VintageMy new book, Aradia’s Secret, releases this coming weekend, so I thought I’d share a little of the history that leads up to the events of the story. They’re small snippets that will eventually become larger documents.

4201 AOP (As One Plane): Ashcroft Billinghurst becomes emperor of the Xaggarene Empire.  He establishes the University in Sangeron.

4214 AOP: Reverend Tatersdale Mackle becomes bishop of the Arcana Maximus.  He begins a covert operation to rid the Xaggarene Empire of all those with magical abilities.  The Examiners are formed, and the Arcana gains police power.

4215 AOP: Samara Soulton speaks out against the power of Reverend Mackle.  Wizards follow her.  The movement dies when she disappears. No one knows what happened to her.

4217 AOP: Reverend Tatersdale Mackle moves the headquarters of the Arcana Maximus away from the Xaggarene Empire when his childhood friend, Emperor Ashcroft Billingurst, threatens to ban the institution because of the hunt for magical people.  The Arcana loses some of its hold on the Empire, and magical people become more open.  It is at this time that the Shadow Walkers form their guild and organize their people.

4725 AOP: The Arcana Maximus convinces Lazarus Nicodemus, the emperor, that all those with magical ability should be put to death.  Witches and wizards take refuge in E’ma Thalas.  The Shadow Walkers headquarters moves to Corleon. The seat of the Arcana Maximus remains on its island, but its power over the Xaggarene Empire is reestablished. The witches and wizards of the Xaggarene Empire petition king Oberon and are charged with protecting the northern border of E’ma Thalas.  They build Crowrest Keep and establish their community. Ravyn Grimsbane is their leader.





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