Dajowjut – The Flora and Fauna of Grevared

Dawjawjut2Appearance: The dajowjut stands about seven feet tall when on its hind legs. It is covered with white fur and has long, pointed ears and talons on the ends of its fingers. With a long snout and teeth made for tearing tough flesh, it can walk on all fours or on its hind legs, and it has the intelligence to use basic tools in the search for food. Humanoid is one of its favorite foods.

Food: The dajowjut eats meat and will track a creature for miles. With its ability to use tools, it will lay snares for its prey.

Habitat: The dajowju inhabits the ice sheets of the Shizzuria Wasteland, but it will sometimes wander into the small towns that surround it.

Threat: The dajowjut is a highly dangerous creature and extremely predatory. It will attack without provocation and will track an individual once it has his scent.


The idea for this creature came from the folklore of the yeti and abominable snowman. I actually came up with it while watching Christmas cartoons. I wanted the Shizzuria Wasteland to be an inhabited place full of danger instead of just a sheet of ice covering a chunk of land. This isn’t the only creature that inhabits this area, and not all of them are deadly. Even though the area is frozen, it is possible, for those with the skills and fortitude, to live there and not starve.

One of my characters, Erastus Hallowell, spent a good deal of time living in the Wasteland when he was younger. The landscape and the woman who rescued him both played a large part in Erastus’s development, and I think he became a better person for living in an unforgiving place.

Lissa Dobbs



6 thoughts on “Dajowjut – The Flora and Fauna of Grevared

  1. Pretty sure you meant an abominable snowman… autocorrect, maybe?

    I love this stuff, though. It’s like a wonderful world to explore that’s so rich… and it’s just making me anticipate reading the books more.

    One question:
    Have you published a glossary of how to say some of the words and names? I know it was a godsend when Lyra Shanti did that for the Shiva XIV series.
    I’ve just started following, so please excuse the ignorance of my question if the answer is blindingly obvious.

    Liked by 1 person

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