Eleanor Hestenfield

She was an odd character to write and one that had a secret that I didn’t know about until she revealed it herself. 

Eleanor Hestenfield is a woman in her early twenties who carries the Stone of Giramphiel, a stone that allows her some protection against magic. She’s a Shadow Walker, but even she doesn’t understand her past. She’s desperately in love with Timothy Hawkins and is prepared to spend the rest of her life with him. But that isn’t all there is to her. 

Her father was killed by wolves when she was a child, and Eleanor grew up in a household of closed doors and blocked windows. She had to fight for her freedom when she came of age. 

As a Shadow Walker, Eleanor is strong and capable, but she’s always holding back just a bit, lacking confidence. It is only when she is with Timothy that she feels she can accomplish anything, but all this changes after the trip to Black Crystal. 

Lissa Dobbs



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