Finding Peace

img_20170228_094517Most of us have a lot going on at any given time. We have jobs, families, and responsibilities of all kinds. We rush and we hurry, then we collapse at the end of the day. It’s nothing new. It’s the way things are.

I’ve spent the last few evenings reading the Lois Lowry series that begins with The Giver. I’d read the first book, and taught it to sixth graders, but I’d never read the others. There just hadn’t been time. When a friend of mine loaned them to me, I decided to kick back and get them read, to find out what happened to Jonas after he left the Community.

The books are good books, literary, but there isn’t a lot of action. They aren’t books that are going to keep  you on the edge of your seat wondering what happens next. Not really. But they’re peaceful books, books you’d like to curl up in a chair with and leave off all other sound.

Reading these books, without the TV or music playing, has brought a bit of peace back into my life. There was no need to hurry, and I found that I even curled up in the chair in my bedroom to finish reading the last one (at 3 am). It was a time simply to be, and I’m grateful for it, for it reminded me that I’d been pushing too hard, rushing too much, and carrying a load that was far too heavy. It gave me time to reflect and to rest, something we all need now and again, something I would like my books to provide readers – a place to escape and to just be.

Best wishes!

Lissa Dobbs


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