Mad God Woes

man-1519667_1920Grevared is a collection of lands that came into being after the Catastrophe of 2015 in our time. Five thousand years later, all that is left of all universes and all planes exists in a void space with no visible celestial bodies. Humans, demons, angels, fairies, dwarves, and gods all live together, for better or worse. Even the dead are trapped on this one plane.

At the time of the Catastrophe, many of the gods were injured or killed, and their essences were passed on to others of like vibrations. There were also numerous battles between gods of different pantheons, which resulted in more injuries and deaths.

However, injury and death weren’t the only casualties of the Catastrophe. Some of the gods, those from the human world and those from the demon and fairy worlds, went mad and set their sights on revenge against the humans who destroyed the universe.

This has created someone of an issue for me because the Arcana Maximus laid claim to the automaton technology back in 3902 AOP and uses it to communicate with the gods. None of the mad gods have automatons, so having them communicate in that manner isn’t an option.

This leads me to a place where I need these gods out and about in the world but coming up with ways to do it is proving to be problematic. I’ll figure it out, don’t get me wrong. Just not today.

Lissa Dobbs


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