Playing with Maps

hand-drawn-the-warren-darker-linesI have about the coolest mapmaking software in the world, but it doesn’t replace the satisfaction that comes from a map you drew yourself.

One of the first things I did when creating worlds as a kid was to draw maps of my world. Each country had a map, and each city within that country had one. I’d go through and populate the cities, and I knew who lived in each house and what business was in each shop. With the coming of the software and the myriad ideas that flood my head, I’ve gotten out of the practice of making the maps myself. I’m hoping to remedy that.

This is a partial map of the Warren in Freywater, Xaggarene Empire. It isn’t finished yet, not by a long shot, but it’s a start. It’s actually fun to do and quite relaxing.

Lissa Dobbs


2 thoughts on “Playing with Maps

  1. Hi,
    I jut finished a map today, of a random world.
    It is very fun creating maps, never done a full map before though.
    Took over 4 hours overall, but was happy I did it.
    Glad that you are enjoying map making, it is really fun.

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