Just Thinking

I was playing on my phone, one of those ‘I’m too tired to do anything productive’ things, and came up with this photo using the old photo function and a bright frame on the photo editor. It got me thinking about how cool some of the technology we have now is.

My first computer was a Commodore 64 that was programmed with Basic. Not Q-Basic or anything that came after it, just plain, old Basic. I could write programs for it, and there were books out the wazoo of programs that could be typed into the thing. Some of them took days to do, and, compared to what we have now, there was little to show for it. The few games available on cartridges were simple games, even the animated ones, and programs were stored on a data cassette that you could turn around and put in your stereo if you wanted to annoy someone with high-pitched squeals and grating sounds. Back then, it was pretty cool, but I was never able to sit on the couch and do something like alter a picture on it. Heck, my simple cassette player was larger than my current phone. 

It just struck me as cool just how far technology has come in my lifetime, and got me wondering just what it was like for my grandmother to see everything from the beginnings of the automobile all the way up to cell phones. I’ll bet it was amazing. 

Best wishes!

Lissa Dobbs



4 thoughts on “Just Thinking

  1. I remember my boyfriend taking about an hour to put some code into his BBC computer and it making a smiley face. We were both so impressed! I don’t think my children realise the wonder those early computer produced!


    1. I know. Some of the programs, the larger ones, were pages and pages long. I’d start on Friday night and still be working on them come Sunday night. It was heartbreaking to have to leave and go to school instead of finishing them. 🙂

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