When God Speaks

The sun shone through the window and made it nearly impossible for me to see the cash register. The typical morning rush was in full swing, and help wasn’t expected for another two hours. Nothing new. The same old, same old. That was just how my weekends were. But there was something odd about this […]

via Tuesday’s Tales: When God Speaks by Lissa Dobbs — Tracee Ford


Listening to the Birds

sun-and-cloudsI try to start my writing days with a few minutes just sitting quietly. This morning the birds are out in full force, and they’re louder than the traffic going by. While I’m usually ready and willing to work on my writing, whether it’s editing or creating, today I just want to sit here and listen to the birds.

There’s something calming about watching them flit from limb to limb, and there’s something peaceful about the clouds hiding and revealing the sun. It reminds me of earlier days when there wasn’t quite so much to get done and of a time when the whole world was open before me. It reminds me of dreams I held as a child and all the things I wanted to do with my life, things that are no longer possible, and I wonder how many others work day after day knowing the dreams that meant the most of them are gone in the wakefulness of everyday life. Do we ever get those dreams back? Do we ever have the courage to truly reach for them? Or are we caught up in a world of responsibility and practicality that allows for nothing more?


Lissa Dobbs


Meet the Characters – Vonner Calerook

Image courtesy of the good folks at Pixabay.

Name: Vonner Calerook


Age: 160

Species: Human Wizard

Home: Crowrest, E’ma Thalas

Personality: Vonner is a kind and caring person, and he’s a hard worker. He likes to keep to himself and work with the animals in Crowrest Keep. He’s not a big fan of going out into the forest, though he does enjoy standing on the battlements and looking at it.

Magic: Vonner’s magic usually shows as orange, and his strength is in battle magic, though most would never know that because of his personality. There is an additional dimension to his magic, one that comes from his parentage and of which he’s unaware.

Favorites: Vonner loves animals and spends his work time in Crowrest Keep taking care of the horses. He doesn’t care much for sweets, though he loves large meals.

Friends: Vonner’s best friend is Gwennyth Grimsbane. The two of them have been together since they were small children. Other than that, Vonner is a bit of an outcast, or was as a child. Even as an adult, he tends to stay to himself.

Goals: Vonner doesn’t have a lot of personal goals. He’s content with his life in Crowrest and prefers peace to anything else.

Faults: Vonner can be whiny and dependent. He clings to Gwennyth and relies on her for any sense of self-esteem he possesses. When put to the test, however, he will step up and take charge.


“But the only clue your mother left was ‘look not in the places of the gods’. What’s that supposed to mean?”

I sighed and rolled my eyes and continued to make my way through the woods of E’ma Thalas. Vonner had talked incessantly for five days, and his chatter was beginning to wear on me…

I tried to answer, but my tongue flapped uselessly in my mouth, and my lips tingled. I pulled up the hem of my robe and pointed to where the infant asing sat attached to my ankle.

“Oh, gods. Here. Sit down.”

Vonner took me by the shoulders and eased me onto the mossy bed of the forest floor. My mind entered a fog of pain as Vonner pried the creature from my leg. White-hot flares of agony shot from each point the asing’s teeth penetrated my skin and tore through nerves to seep into blood and bone. I don’t know how long this continued, though surely it was only moments, before the cooling salve chased away the anguish and left me in a haze of relief.

“Better?” Vonner asked.

I nodded but couldn’t speak. Vonner made camp, and we rested until the following morning.

Now, though, his chatter and doubt did nothing but make me long for solitude.

Mad God Woes

man-1519667_1920Grevared is a collection of lands that came into being after the Catastrophe of 2015 in our time. Five thousand years later, all that is left of all universes and all planes exists in a void space with no visible celestial bodies. Humans, demons, angels, fairies, dwarves, and gods all live together, for better or worse. Even the dead are trapped on this one plane.

At the time of the Catastrophe, many of the gods were injured or killed, and their essences were passed on to others of like vibrations. There were also numerous battles between gods of different pantheons, which resulted in more injuries and deaths.

However, injury and death weren’t the only casualties of the Catastrophe. Some of the gods, those from the human world and those from the demon and fairy worlds, went mad and set their sights on revenge against the humans who destroyed the universe.

This has created someone of an issue for me because the Arcana Maximus laid claim to the automaton technology back in 3902 AOP and uses it to communicate with the gods. None of the mad gods have automatons, so having them communicate in that manner isn’t an option.

This leads me to a place where I need these gods out and about in the world but coming up with ways to do it is proving to be problematic. I’ll figure it out, don’t get me wrong. Just not today.

Lissa Dobbs


Writing Update

rise-of-the-mad-godsWell, I haven’t gotten as much accomplished as I’d hoped to for my ‘weekend’, but I still have one day left. All the short stories are edited, and the first one is available for pre-order on Amazon. The second one will be available next week.

My plan for today is to get the Gwennyth story edited for what I hope is the final time and have it ready to release soon.

I did manage to get a little more done on the screenplay, so I feel I’ve at least accomplished a little bit. I even managed to get a little more done on the ‘story that never ends’.

Lissa Dobbs


Playing with Maps

hand-drawn-freywater-2-dark-linesI’ve been working on hand-drawing my maps since I just don’t like the feel of the ones made with the software. Don’t get me wrong, I love the software and have had many hours of fun playing with it, but it’s just not what I want for Grevared.

The first one I posted was part of Freywater called the Warren. This is another part of the same city. It isn’t completed by a long shot, but I want to make all four parts of the city before I start filling in details.

I’m hoping I can make something that captures what I’m going for with Grevared. If nothing else, I’ll have one heck of a wall mural.

Best wishes!

Lissa Dobbs


Avoiding Editing

ebook-coverIt’s amazing how much effort I go through to avoid editing when I’m not in the mood to do it. I ran errands, printed the manuscript, and settled down to go through it yet again. Then very promptly picked up my computer and started playing with GIMP.

Those who’ve read for a while know I like to learn things and play around, and today’s activities focused on trying to make a cover for the new book. The title is a working title right now, but it’s still fun to play with the images. My efforts are below. If one looks like it might be the right one, sing out. Please!

Best wishes!

Lissa Dobbs







man-1519667_1920I’ve been binge-watching a TV show on Netflix, I won’t say which one, and it got me thinking about darkness in literature. I want the books about Grevared to have a darkness to them, something I have yet to achieve, but I’ve noticed that most of the darkness in the TV show has to do with depravity. There’s everything in this show from wonton sex, to cutting out babies’ hearts, to bathing in blood. There’s a lot of desperation and such, too, but the depravity overpowers it. That isn’t what I want for my books. Yes, I want darkness, and, yes, depravity happens in the world, but I want there to be a balance between the two.

The short stories I’m going to release in the next few days do have some of that depravity in them, especially ‘For Love of Her’, but I don’t want all darkness to come from a despicable act. Does that make sense? I want the darkness to be there, to be obvious, but I want it to come from circumstances, from the world, not just from heinous acts.

So, my question is this – how can darkness be portrayed in such a way that the reader feels the oppression around him/her without needing blood, gore, and sex to make it happen? Any suggestions?

Playing with Maps

hand-drawn-the-warren-darker-linesI have about the coolest mapmaking software in the world, but it doesn’t replace the satisfaction that comes from a map you drew yourself.

One of the first things I did when creating worlds as a kid was to draw maps of my world. Each country had a map, and each city within that country had one. I’d go through and populate the cities, and I knew who lived in each house and what business was in each shop. With the coming of the software and the myriad ideas that flood my head, I’ve gotten out of the practice of making the maps myself. I’m hoping to remedy that.

This is a partial map of the Warren in Freywater, Xaggarene Empire. It isn’t finished yet, not by a long shot, but it’s a start. It’s actually fun to do and quite relaxing.

Lissa Dobbs