This is Friggin’ Cool!

kindle-cover-new-edition-preparedOkay, for those of you who have the killer graphic design skills, this will be no big deal, but for those of us who are just learning how to play with the software, each new discovery is like receiving a coveted toy at Christmas.

Tonight was one of those nights when I just wanted to play with things, so I pulled up The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III book covers and started fiddling with them. Tonight’s fun time was with lighting effects. I never knew they could do stuff like this.

I really liked the way the letters glow in this one.


Below are some of the examples of how they came out. I never could get anything really cool on the Revenge of Cronus one, though.

Lissa Dobbs


 The glowing letters were even cooler in this one.


This one felt more ominous to me.

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