Meet Timothy Hawkins

steampunk-880408_1280Name: Timothy Hawkins

Age: 23 – Wolf in the Shadow

Race: Human

Weapon: Spear of Victory

Pantheon: Celtic – Lugh

Profession: Enforcer

Hometown: Freywater

Childhood: Timothy came  from an average family in Freywater in the Xaggarene Empire. He attended school at the Arcana Maximus, where he was often in trouble with his best friends Justin Harper and Daniel Klesko.

Personality: As Timothy grew older and the burden of the Spear weighed more heavily on him, he lost most of his carefree attitude and settled into a life of little but responsibility. While he still spent time with Justin, his friend’s juvenile behavior got on Timothy’s nerves. He was forever telling Justin to grow up. This slowly eroded their friendship, as Justin saw no reason being responsible couldn’t be fun as well. After their assignment in Black Crystal, Wolf in the Shadow, the two parted company. From that point onward, Timothy trusted no one, and his relationship with the Shadow Walkers became more and more strained.

Favorite Foods: Timothy is a big fan of boar and stewed coniklo. He also has a sweet tooth and will devour anything made with sugar. He particularly likes jelly candy and fruit-filled chocolate.

Favorite Pastime: Timothy is a workaholic and spends as much time as possible at the Enforcer office and patrolling Freywater. He is the only officer who dares to enter the Warren, and he has as a special relationship with the people there. Sometimes, this gives him leads and helps him solve cases he wouldn’t otherwise be able to solve. On the rare occasions he doesn’t work, Timothy wanders the woods outside of Freywater.

Deepest Desire: Timothy’s most secret desire is for his one true love to come home. He misses her more than he ever thought possible, and there are times he longs to lay down his ethics and hold her in his arms.


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