New Game in Grevared

Magic and Machine Cards

When it comes to my world and my writing, I like to be fully immersed in the experience. That means I don’t just have maps and tons of notes on creatures and cultures, I also like to get into the daily lives of the people who live there. I have a page on my website for holiday recipes, and I’m hoping to add more as I come up with them. (I’m still looking for some squid so I can make talakilkonna tail.)

One of my most recent projects was to come up with a game to be played in the taverns and pubs. I already had ‘Ware the Dragon, a jacks-like game played by children, but I wanted something for adults, something they could gamble with, so I sat down and fiddled around and came up with a game that currently has no name.

‘Ware the Dragon

I’m still working out all the details, but I do know that you try to get your cards to total 15. There are two types of cards – magic and machine. Each player has both kinds of cards, but they decide at the beginning who will be magic and who will be machines. All magic cards affect the ‘magic’ player, and all machine cards affect the ‘machine’ player. This can create some issues as your opponent can affect your total or wipe out your points all together. I want to add some other cards that interfere or assist with game play, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

I’m considering offering a printable PDF version of the cards for those who join my insider’s list on my website, but I want to work out all the details of the game first. (Right now, new members get a copy of ‘The Old Woman and the Disappearing Crevice’ – Note: this story plays a central role in one of my current WIP’s.)

Best wishes!


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