Discovery of Smudge


Those who’ve followed for a while know I’m a ‘do it myself’-er. Granted, my skills may not be the most polished when it comes to creating digital images, but it’s fun to do.

One of the things I’ve been working on is taking some of the photographs I took years ago and turning them into black and white photos to give myself some visual images of Grevared. But one of the problems I’ve had is depicting the void space that serves as a sky. Since there’s no sun in Grevared, a sunny day in a picture doesn’t work.

Well, I was playing around with a bucket fill on a blue sky when I stumbled upon smudge. I’ve used it before, but I guess I had an ‘ooh, shiny’ moment and forgot about it. Turns out that it’s perfect for smearing the varying shades of gray together to make the void. Who knew? Well, probably all of you who are experts in the digital world, but this Commodore Dinosaur is still learning, and I’m having a blast doing it.

The images above are of the town of Land’s End in the country of Moirena. The photo on the upper left is of the Arcana Maximus as seen in The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III: Revenge of Cronus. The picture on the right is just a tower in town, and the lower left image is of the government building where Gregory Grimley works. I’m still playing around with different effects, but I really like the one on the bottom best.

Best wishes!


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