To Heck with Professional

Website Print Screen.pngYeah, I said it.

I know. I know. We should be professional in everything we do. I got that memo years ago. But, come on, professional websites are BORING. Especially when they’re about an author and his/her books. When I visit author sites, I want something fun. I want to feel like I’m visiting a part of the author’s world. I want maps and history and quizzes and… You get the point.

As a book nerd, I love libraries and studying, so I designed the site as if you were looking at a table in Grevared. Clicking on the items takes you to different pages, and those pages that would be the inside of books were left as parchment. I’m hoping to add some of the other elements I love in other sites, like quizzes, etc., soon, but these take time to create, and I haven’t gotten there yet.

When it comes to my writing, I’m a bit of a ‘do it mytelf’, as my son used to say, kind of person. I want my own personality and vision to be in all of it, even if that means it isn’t perfect. I want to learn new things and practice new skills instead of hiring out the job. Would I get more sales if I had a professional cover designer? Probably. But the covers come from me, and they very much go with the books. Could I hire a designer for some detailed cover image that looks like it came from the Sistine Chapel? Sure. *shrug* But where’s the fun in that? It’s more fun to put some gumdrops in a bowl, take the picture, then see what you can do with it.

The whole point of the writing journey, at least for me, is to learn and explore, to try new things, and to get these stories that ramble around in my head out and living their own lives. It’s a way for me to de-stress from everyday life and live in a world of magic and wonder, something we’ve forgotten how to do in the modern world.

So, to heck with professionalism. I like my imperfect website and my simplistic cover designs. I had fun making them, and that’s all anyone can really ask from a project.

Best wishes!

And many thanks to the good people at Pixabay, who have images us less talented people can use.


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