To Change or Leave Alone?

I’ve been thinking about what to do with my website in the new year. There’s a part of me that wants to make some changes on it, make it more ‘fun’, I guess. But there’s another part of me that likes it being more straight-forward, even if no one else likes the style of it.

This is where I get frustrated. It’d be cool if I could have it both ways, but I’m not sure I could pull that off. My web design skills are almost non-existent, and so are my graphics skills, but, still, it’s fun to play with it sometimes.

entrance-hall-guild-headquarters-smallHere’s an idea of what I was thinking about going to. The idea is to label the doors with things like ‘student lounge’, ‘shadow walker lounge’, ‘library’, etc. and have them lead to a page with a similar layout that went to short stories, printable activities for kids, and links to the books.

As it stands right now, the background is simple parchment with pictures ‘taped’ to it. It’s labelled and obvious, but it’s not a lot of fun.

I’ve also been working on another design, one I’ve been playing with for several months. landing-page-websiteThis one is just a scholar’s study area since scholars are so prominent in Grevared. Almost all the items on the page are clickable and lead to another page on the site. Not sure which way to go, but both of them will take time and effort.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

home-page-bottomBest wishes!

Lissa Dobbs


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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Birthday/Un-Birthday etc etc On this lovely (potentially stormy) morning I give to you the gift of an entire world. Not just any world… MY world, crafte…

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A Visit from Sir Klaus

A Gift from Sir Klaus

‘Twas Yuletide at last, and a crystalline night.

The morn would soon bring the rebirth of the light.

Alone on his mountain a-dressed all in green

Sir Klaus stood surveying the wintery scene.

The toys in his pack he loaded onto his sled,

While he waited on young ones to snuggle in bed.

Then down through the snow with his white wolves to guide him

He came with the presents to leave there beside them.

Into each home he crept on silent-clad feet

Leaving gifts by the hearth and taking cookies to eat.

Then away he would slip with a flick of the reins

While children awoke to toys, dolls, and games.

But ‘ware ye the child who would hinder the old,

For Sir Klaus will leave thee nothing but coal.

“A Visit from Sir Klaus”


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Talakilkonna Tail

talakilkonna1Even a fantasy world needs holidays, and Grevared is no different. I’m working on Yuletide traditions for each of the countries. These will, of course, vary from country to country. For example, the humans of Moirena, the Xaggarene Empire, and Corleon have traditions similar to those of our modern Christmas, though I’m still working out the details of each one. The demons, on the other hand, view Yuletide as a time of mourning, for they aren’t thrilled with being trapped on the plane with all the other species. There are those, of course, who still follow traditional demon practices of sacrifice, but most of them, particularly those in the more diverse cities like Jitradena, have a meal with talakilkonna tail as the main dish.

So, being the fully immersive person that I am, I decided that some kind of traditional food was in order, and I’m in the process of experimenting with variations of cookies and cakes to see what I can come up with. But I’ve having trouble with the talakilkonna tail. I’ve been wracking my brain for several weeks now, and I think I’ve finally figured it out. For talakilkonna tail in our world, I’m thinking about going with sausage-stuffed squid. I haven’t found a store nearby that carries the uncut squid yet, but I’m on the hunt. We’ll see how it goes.

Best wishes!

Lissa Dobbs

The Flora and Fauna of the World of Grevared

All fantasy worlds have unique inhabitants, and Grevared is no different. Inquisitor Mylar Massengill spent most of his adult life travelling all over the lands of Grevared to catalogue the flora and fauna and share his knowledge with others. Even now, centuries later, he is considered the original and foremost authority in the land. His book, The Flora and Fauna of the World of Grevared, has been expanded over the years, though his original drawings are still included.

Inquisitor Massengill spent most of the decades from 3857-3877 AOP travelling the lands of Grevared and recording and collecting the species he found there. As the technology and magic that allowed for travel between the lands was in its infancy, Inquisitor Massengill was considered a pioneer in more ways than one. His works are now used in all educational institutions in Grevared, and they are considered the foremost authority on plant and animal classification. They have, of course, been updated by various scholars over the centuries, but the title and attribution remains the same. This edition contain the creatures created by the Experimental Labs at the University and the Academe.



Gillycharm from The Flora and Fauna of the World of Grevared

Appearance: This creature is small with a fish-like appearance. Its iridescent wings are long and slender, and its body appears metallic. In color it ranges the spectrum of greens, blues, pinks, and purples, and its antennae help it detect predators.


Habitat: The gillycharm is found near any large body of water. Therefore, it is found in all areas of Grevared. Because of its propensity for congregating near schools of fish, fishermen use the gillycharm to determine where to drop their nets.

Diet: The gillycharm feels on algae and single celled organisms found in lake water.

The gillycharm is considered safe.




Appearance: The Asing is a creature that possesses the traits of several species. It has

Asing from The Flora and Fauna of the World of Grevared

plant-like attributes, such as roots and leaves, but it also possesses a somewhat reptilian shell and head. There are parts of its body that are covered with fur, and it is believed that the Asing bears and suckles live young. Its roots prevent mobility once it reaches maturity.


Habitat: The only known habitat is in the depths of the forests of E’ma Thalas.

Diet: The Asing eats small birds and animals as well as insects. There is some fear that it will also eat humanoid creatures, though this has not been verified.

The asing is considered highly dangerous, particularly the young, who are mobile.


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