Writing Update – Works in Progress

IMG_20160428_203226I’ve spent a lot of time this year working on the first three books of The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III, and it’s only been this week that I’ve realized just how neglected my adult works were. Sheesh!

I currently have about a dozen in progress, and I’m trying to decide which ones to focus on first.

The Diary of Gwennyth Grimsbane – This one was originally published here in installments as The Search for Aradia. At the time, it was just a couple of hundred words a week that I was playing around with, but I believe it could turn into something worth reading with some revision. It will be told from Gwennyth’s point of view as she and her best friend Vonner search for a goddess as her mother wished her to do. I’m trying to decide if Gwennyth and Vonner should become more than friends, so if anyone wants to chime in on that, feel free.

River of Blood – This story takes place about twenty years before ‘the novel that never ends’ (I know. I know. I keep saying I’m working on it, but I want some shorter things out first so I can make sure the world is solidified in my own head.) Erastus Hallowell lives in the Shizzuria Wasteland. He discovers a secret about himself and his family that leads to a tragedy that sends him out into the wasteland for the next twenty or so years. He finds a place with the Rangers, and his story will go from there. (It’s outlined, but I don’t want to give spoilers.)

The Keeper of Souls – This one I’m not quite so sure about yet. I wanted it to be a short storyEbook Cover New1 for my website for Halloween, but once I got into the story, it took on a life of its own, and I think it will work better as one a bit longer. It takes place about a year before Wolf in the Shadow>and focuses on Cooley Cray and a Reverend of the Arcana Maximus. At the festival of Akatha Mabikym, a ceremony that dissolves the spirits of the dead, a wizard in the employ of the Harmarayan, an insular group who believe the souls of the dead should be free to inhabit the plane with the living, attempts to interrupt the ceremony and prevent the souls’ dissolution. Shadow Walker Cooley Cray and Reverend Morgan Harper seek out the wizard to prevent him interrupting any more ceremonies and condemning the people of Grevared to being overrun with the dead.

I think working on these will occupy me for the next few months, and if anyone has a preference on which one should take priority, sing out. I welcome suggestions.


Best wishes!

Lissa Dobbs



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