Dream Gods Woes

img_20150505_200403We spend almost a third of our lives asleep, and while we sleep we dream. We get images of things from our waking lives, and we also see images that seem to come from somewhere else altogether. Some dreams are pleasant, restful experiences, while others are nightmares that leave us stumped as to their origin. This has been the case for humanity throughout all of recorded history. Even as far back as ancient Mesopotamia, people have recorded their dreams and tried to glean meaning from these nocturnal visions.

One of my current works in progress deals with a dream god, but I’ve had some difficulty deciding how to represent the god. While there are lots of different night deities, there are actually few that specifically represent dreams. I found this extremely odd simply because so much importance is placed on dreams and their meaning throughout history and mythology.

Most of us have heard of the Sandman. This mythological creature puts sand in the eyes, particularly of children, to help them fall asleep at night. (http://www.sleepdex.org/legends.htm). However, this benevolent creature did not begin as a benign friend of children. In the original folklore, he’s a gruesome character that will punish those who don’t fall asleep right away with nightmares and other horrid punishments. There is even one tale of him taking the eyes of naughty children to the moon to feed his own offspring. (https://vanwinkles.com/the-twisted-history-of-the-sandman).

The Sandman is said to have originated as a transmutation of the Greek god Morpheus. More than any other culture, the Greeks had dream and sleep gods, and Morpheus was the dream messenger of the gods. It was his responsibility to provide glimpses into a person’s future and to shape their dreams to reveal truths. Morpheus was chosen for this task because he was the most able to transform himself into any human and mimic their traits more exactly than the other Oneiroi. (http://www.greekmyths-greekmythology.com/morpheus-the-god-of-dreams/)

There are many mentions of prophets and wise men interpreting dreams, and there are tons of tales of gods who created while asleep – Vishnu being one of them – but these weren’t really what I was looking for in the research. What I finally settled on for my own work was to name the dream god Yukamalu and have him as an amalgamation of other dream gods. In Grevared, the gods battled for dominance when the universe exploded, and only the strongest survived. Those who were mostly destroyed combined into single deities, so Yukamalu came into being as a deity with multiple traits. Now I just have to figure out just what those traits are and whether he’s going to be a benevolent god or a more malevolent one.


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Lissa Dobbs




It’s Release Day!!!!

ebook-red-and-greenEthan has settled in to life as a Shadow Walker, but as Yuletide approaches, he’s anxious to get home for the holiday. And the best part? His friends are going with him.

But life as a Shadow Walker is full of unexpected surprises, and when a new student brings an enemy into their midst, Yuletide plans are put on hold. Ethan and his friends have to deal with the threat and protect Land’s End from the wrath of an angry god.


Ethan shrugged and ducked around Kayne. “Kayne, we just now met him. I haven’t had time to think about it yet. Now, can we just go see what Mr. Merriweather wants?”

Kayne laughed. “You’re afraid we’re in trouble, aren’t you?”

Ethan looked back over his shoulder. “Aren’t you? How many kids do you hear of going to his office?” Ethan stopped and looked at Kayne. “Remember last time?”

Last time they had been in serious trouble for sneaking out and looking for Cronus. Mr. Merriweather had made them tackle the cleanup of the lobby and had grounded them, but he had lifted the punishment when Ethan and Kayne had saved Faylen.barnabas-black-and-white-vintage

Kayne scratched the back of his neck and shook his head. “Well, I actually wind up there a lot, come to think of it.”

Ethan laughed. “That’s because you always do stupid stuff, then you’re shocked when you get caught.”

Kayne laughed along with him. “Okay. I’ll give you that.”

The boys stopped in front of Barnabas Merriweather’s door and knocked. They waited until they were called, then they entered.


Other books in the series: (available in eBook and paperback)

The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III: A Walker is Born

The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III: Cronus Attacks

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Meet Kayne Soulton

kayne-vintageName: Kayne Soulton

Age: 13 winters

Appearance: brown hair with too long bangs, violet eyes. Tall and a bit thin.

Birthplace: Crowrest, E’ma Thalas

Family: Kayne’s parents died when he was very little, and he was then cared for by his brother Del. He left his brother’s company when he was ten winters old, just after receiving the mace, and travelled to Corleon to join the Shadow Walkers.

Current Home: Ymla, Corleon

Weapon: Mace of Tishtrya – it can call lightning and thunder

Pantheon: Persian

Other Info: Kayne is a born wizard, something he forgets from time to time, especially in a crisis. He’s brash and disrespectful, but he has a tendency to stay just barely on the right side of the line. He’s a fierce friend, but he also has a deep-seated anger that boils within him. He’s able to hide this most of the time.

Favorite Foods: Kayne is a sweets junkie. He always has some kind of candy in his room, though he’s careful not to let his friends know that. He also enjoys Old Marshall’s roast beef and vegetables, and he absolutely adores bacon.

Fears: More than anything in the world, Kayne fears being abandoned. Though he acts brash and confident, he’s actually quite insecure and wants nothing more than to be loved and accepted.

Favorite Teacher: Kayne doesn’t think much of education, but he has great respect for Barnabas Merriweather, the leader of the school, though he’d never let Mr. Merriweather know that.

Greatest Desire: Kayne’s greatest desire is to find someone to truly love him.


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Meet Ethan Grimley

Ethan VintageName: Ethan Grimley III

Age: 12 winters

Appearance: strawberry blonde hair, green eyes

Family: Ethan is the son of Gregory and Eva Grimley. He had an older sister, but she died when he was little.

Hometown: Land’s End, Moirena

Current Home: Ymla, Corleon

Favorite Subject: Combat

Friends: Kayne Soulton, Faylen Icebreeze, Electa Norris

Favorite Teacher: Damion Simmons

God/dess: Gaia

Pantheon: Greek

Weapon: Harpe

Weapon’s Features: The Harpe of Gaia gives Ethan strength and accuracy beyond his skill. It also glows and can provide light.

Favorite Activities: Ethan loves hanging out with his friends. He enjoys practicing his combat skills and playing kickball.

Favorite Foods: Ethan loves fist meals – meat, cheese, and veggies between two slices of bread. He also enjoys griddle cakes, candy, his mother’s bread and pastries, and warm soup on a cold day.

Fears: Ethan is afraid of not measuring up to others’ expectations of him. This causes him to charge into situations without thinking about dangers and consequences.

Greatest Desire: Ethan wishes more than anything to be the greatest Shadow Walker that ever lived. He wants to fight monsters and other creatures, and he wants to travel to all the lands of Grevared.


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Fickle Mind

Well, I was going to move all this to my website blog, but I think I’d like to keep that one for author spotlights, book reviews and releases, and maybe book contest giveaways and such. Now that my feces are consolidated, maybe I can get the post I’ve been working on for this one done and up.

If there are any authors who would like to be featured, just let me know.

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The Shadow Walkers of Grevared

New Blog Site

stack-of-books-1001655_1920I’ve been thinking about moving all my posts to my website, but I’ve decided that the blog associated with my website will be for author spotlights, book reviews, and book releases instead. Now that I’ve figured that out, maybe I can get back to working on posts for this one. If there are any authors who would like to have their work featured, let me know.

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Lissa Dobbs

Best wishes!

Shall We Play a Game?


It’s time for more questions! Be sure to answer before 10/20/2016 for your chance to win a set of ‘Ware the Dragon. Grab the dragon’s jewels before he grabs you!

In Sherri S. Tepper’s The End of the Game, what kind of animal is a fustigar?

Which classic character fell down a rabbit hole?

How was Narnia accessed before the wardrobe?

Smart Wasn’t Always Cool

stack-of-books-1001655_1920I’ve seen some advertisements lately for a set of dolls that comes with experiments. Being bored one day, I looked them up, and their goal is to encourage girls to use their brains and show their aptitude for the sciences. This is really cool to me, especially coming from an education background where there is more and more encouragement for girls to pursue science. This is awesome!

For those of us who grew up in the eighties, though, being smart wasn’t cool. Sure, there were gifted programs, and many of us participated in them. But this came with a price, a heavy one. Even the teachers didn’t support these programs as they took us out of class one day a week. I even had a math teacher once who told me that if I was smart enough to miss class, I was smart enough to figure it out myself. Not cool, Ms. R*******! (And I still can’t bisect an angle.)

The same can be said for the rise of female interest in things like comic books, superheroes, and gaming. I love the stuff! Always have. But I came to love it in a time when girls weren’t supposed to. While other girls my age were talking about make up and which boy they liked, I was more concerned with whether or not my D & D character was going to survive her next mission and if I’d finally be able to use the Ring of Dispel I’d gained two quests ago. I was labeled weird. Period.

Nothing changed as I grew older. I was still weird. Most of my friends were guys because it was okay for them to game, and if I talked about comic books, they understood what I was saying. The same wasn’t true for the girls I had to be around. Needless to say, I spent a lot of lunches alone, and I spent a lot of time reading and creating worlds, and – okay, yeah, this is weird – reading the encyclopedia for fun.

But here’s the kicker – in the end, it made me stronger. While those other girls weren’t happy if they didn’t have a boyfriend, and while they were waiting on Mr. Cute to call for a date that Friday night, I was living. I was visiting Midkemia and travelling in a time machine. I was drawing maps and running guilds – everything from stonemasons to magicians. I was climbing through underground tunnels to find a way into the castle, and I was creating the spell that would transport me to another world. Writing papers was a no-brainer because I read so much I knew a good bit about almost everything, and, dammit, I could build a radio and make a Commodore 64 dance.

And now?

I’m still doing it. Most of it anyway. I got lost in computer programming when they took away my ‘go to’s and ‘if then’s.

I still stand alone because those same girls who didn’t get it back in the eighties still don’t get it, but now it doesn’t bother me. I buy my home décor at the Hobby Lobby man cave, and I spend my evenings creating a world to explore. This place is populated by everything from humans, to fairies, to angels, to demons, and I don’t have the time to be lonely, and I’m never bored. I may not game anymore, but I’m still concerned about whether or not the character is going to survive the quest. (Let’s face it, even if we’re writing the stories, we don’t always know.)

So, smart may now be the new cool and it may be okay for girls to game in the present time. All this is awesome! But there are those of us who were that way before it was cool, those who spent our childhoods being ridiculed by our teachers and our peers, and we’ve turned out to be strong and independent people who don’t need to be cool to be confident.

Best wishes!

Lissa Dobbs