Small Steps Will Still Get You There

img_20150427_085725The dreams that we mentioned last week, the ones that ‘someday’ never quite comes for, are achievable if we take one small step toward them each day. Perhaps, for buying the house, we forgo the new sofa that would look much better in the living room and put the money in a special account so it isn’t spent. For the book we want to write, maybe we write up the bios on a couple of characters a day, or maybe we jot down a paragraph or two at lunch. And that trip we so desperately want? Maybe instead of hanging out with the guys every Friday night, we cut it back to two per month and stick the extra cash in a trip jar. Before long, we have what we dreamed of. Does it take sacrifice? Yep. Does it take patience? You bet. But the little steps we take, day by day, will still get us there in the end.


Best wishes!

Lissa Dobbs



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