The Language of Grevared

We create our own destinies

I came across this article and found it extremely interesting, especially since I’m working to create a speakable language for Grevared.  I’ve had the alphabet and the grammatical structure for quite some time, but the lexicon is taking a short forever.  I want the language to be a combination of world languages, something that could’ve, perhaps, survived the explosion of the universe.  It also, of course, needs its own words as well as words from the other planes, so it’s taking a while to put it together.  There’s also a need for internal consistency that I haven’t quite figured out yet, but I’m hoping it’ll all make sense one day.

The image says, “We create our own destinies.”  It’s pronunciation is ‘bakvikamin otana velobisax.’

I created the alphabet and number system, and, thanks to a font program, I can type them on my computer. The only downside is that the files have to be in PDF or image format to maintain the font.

I hope to one day have the language completed where I can share it with others.

Best wishes.


3 thoughts on “The Language of Grevared

  1. That does sound like a cool idea for a conlang, and quite the challenge. Good luck, and I’d love to read about it when it’s ready!

    (And if you’re stuck or unsure about something, there are plenty people out there creating languages and willing to help.)


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