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The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III: Cronus Attacks is free on Kindle today through July 4.


Feeling Accomplished

Wolf_in_the_Shadow_Cover_for_KindleIt’s not often that I have the chance to feel like I’ve really accomplished something, but today is one of those days.  I’d planned to release my new adult book Wolf in the Shadow on June 30, but I’ve got it up and running today.  It’s already live on Amazon and processing on Barnes and Noble and other eBook platforms. It’s one of those times that I feel like I actually have my feces consolidated.  Woohoo!

You can read a free preview here.

Best wishes!

The Language of Grevared

We create our own destinies

I came across this article and found it extremely interesting, especially since I’m working to create a speakable language for Grevared.  I’ve had the alphabet and the grammatical structure for quite some time, but the lexicon is taking a short forever.  I want the language to be a combination of world languages, something that could’ve, perhaps, survived the explosion of the universe.  It also, of course, needs its own words as well as words from the other planes, so it’s taking a while to put it together.  There’s also a need for internal consistency that I haven’t quite figured out yet, but I’m hoping it’ll all make sense one day.

The image says, “We create our own destinies.”  It’s pronunciation is ‘bakvikamin otana velobisax.’

I created the alphabet and number system, and, thanks to a font program, I can type them on my computer. The only downside is that the files have to be in PDF or image format to maintain the font.

I hope to one day have the language completed where I can share it with others.

Best wishes.

What is Fear?


I know.  This seems like an odd question. We all know what fear is, right?  It’s that feeling you get when you have to speak on front of a crowd or walk along a dirt road at night. It’s the heart-pounding, blood-shivering shakes just before you walk down the aisle to get married or when your phone rings at 3 am. All these things we know. We experience. We live. We even accept them.

But there’s more to fear than that.  A lot more.

My day job is the ‘ho-hum’ grind of working at a convenience store.  I know. Glamorous, right?  But I actually learn a lot there.  Every day I see people who’ve let fear overtake them.  I see clients of the local methadone clinic and businessmen who can’t get through the day without their six pack of beer.  I hear horror stories of the woman who’s afraid to leave an abusive husband and see the frustration of the man who works in a factory because he was never able to finish college. I see these things, and I learn.

Here’s the gist.

Fear isn’t just that feeling of terror we get in the dark. It isn’t just the jitters caused by a job interview.  Fear is an all-pervasive thing that keeps us from achieving our dreams.  It’s the surety that we need the day job, that we can’t seek something better.  It’s the knowledge that no one will notice if we publish that book we’ve always dreamed of writing.  It’s the complacency we experience in a marriage that has long died, yet we cleave to our spouses anyway.  It’s the mask we wear to be ‘professional’ and accepted.  Fear is being all that we are not.

Security is a wonderful thing. Knowing that you’ll get up and go to work, that the bills will be paid, that someone will hold you while you sleep – all these are what we strive for, what we work toward, what we cling to.  But, in the end, are they simply masking our fear?  Do they mask a fear of rejection or of change? Do we hide behind them so we don’t have to face the unknown?

I know I do.

So, my vow to myself is this:  I will not walk in fear.  I will write whether anyone reads it or not.  I will seek a better job. I will define my dreams, and I will reach for them, even if others stand against me. I will embrace the unknown and the unknowable, and I will be myself.

Best wishes.

We Are the Dreamers of the Dreams

100_1266The people who know me know that I’m an avid fan of The Big Bang Theory.  The group of nerds that just can’t quite seem to fit in with the rest of the world speaks to the child in me, the girl child that liked super heroes and comic books, fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons (back when it wasn’t cool for girls to like that stuff).  I built radios and learned to program a computer (Okay, so, it was a Commodore 64. That doesn’t change the accomplishment.)  In short, I love these guys (earlier seasons are best).

I was watching the show the other day and came to the episode where Penny decides to quit her job at the Cheesecake Factory and give her acting her all.  Leonard, of course, isn’t nearly as supportive of this as she’d like, and she’s venting to Sheldon.  She asks Sheldon if he thinks she’s making a mistake, and Sheldon responds with “No, I don’t think you are.  The best way to achieve your goal is to devote 100% of your time and energy to it.  When I decided I wanted to be a physicist, I didn’t take some other job in case it didn’t work out.”

And now we get to my question of the day, something that’s been bugging me since I re-watched the show.

Why is it that those who go into ‘practical’ careers – lawyer, doctor, teacher, accountant, etc. – aren’t expected to maintain another job once they’ve acquired the necessary education and licenses?  They’re expected to dive in and work in their fields.  However, those of us who want to work in fields like writing, art, acting, music, etc., those things that aren’t ‘practical’ or ‘realistic’ are expected to do just that.  We’re expected to put our dreams and desires on hold ‘until we can make it’.  These things are set aside until there’s time or until the kids are grown or until the bills are paid.  Pick an ‘until’.  But, at the same time, how many people quote O’Shaughnessy with “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams”?  We’re told we can be anything we want to be, do anything we want to do, yet, if we take the chance to do just that, we’re told we need to grow up, be practical, focus on daily life, etc.

How much more successful would we be if we had the chance to devote all our attention to our dreams?  If we could spend the 40 hours a week working on our art, our music, our writing, etc.?  If we weren’t having to squeeze in time wherever we could find it?

And now we come to the really big question:

How do we do it?

Stolen (Or is ‘borrowed’ better) Idea — Happiness Tag

So, blog awards aren’t always my thing, but I really like one that’s going around: the Happiness Tag. It’s just a request to say the things that make you happy, and then ask others the same question. Since I’m writing a food blog, I’ll use this happiness tag to talk about some foods that have […]

via The Happiness Tag! 🙂 — Recipe in a Bottle

I saw this on Recipe in a Bottle and thought the idea of a happiness tag was awesome!  I’m so glad she did this.

Her post got me thinking about things that really make me happy, which is something I’ve needed lately.

I love to read and visit different worlds, and I love to create things.  That being the case, the focus of this Happiness Tag is books and creations.  So, here goes…

  1. Midkemia – This is my all time favorite, even above and beyond my own world of Grevared. Created by Raymond E. Feist, Midkemia is a world of magic. There are the elves of Elvandar and the dwarves of Stone Mountain. Then, of course, is Pug the magician. We get to see all aspects of life in this world, rather than just a small portion of it, and I love that. I’ve spent many a happy hour trekking from Crydee to Krondor to Rillanon.
  2. Harry Potter – Could we really not mention this one? Is there anything to say? Let’s face it, who doesn’t get joy out of the idea of Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans?
  3. Dorrie the Witch – This is a series of children’s books written by Patricia Coombs. They were popular back when I was little (we won’t say when) and tell the story of Dorrie, a little witch whose hat’s always on crooked and whose socks don’t match. I still love to read these and have begun to collect some of the originals over the past few years.


Now for creating…

  1. Making Dolls – This has been my favorite thing to do for a long time, and it brings meAfvaldr Close Up1 the greatest joy. I love to bring little creatures to life, to see the sparkle in their tiny eyes, and to imagine just who they are and what they are about.
  2. Crocheting – This is another long time favorite that has brought me hours of pure pleasure and joy. Even if it’s something as simple as a wash cloth, I love having something to show for the two hours I was sitting on the sofa watching a movie.

Christmas Bath SetOkey dokey, now it’s your turn. What makes you happy?  What are some things that brighten your day and make your life worth living?

Best wishes.  (And special thanks to Recipe in a Bottle for the idea.)