Of Pen and Paper


I’ve always been a pen and paper junkie.  There was just something about a new notebook that got me more excited than anyone could imagine. Even now, my favorite place (next to the bookstore) is the office supply shop.  Don’t need luxuries like food, clothing, and shelter?  Cool. Let’s go buy pen and paper, markers and index cards.  I’m game.

It was always easier for me to get ideas on paper when it was real paper, and I could take it anywhere without need for a charger.  However, as I’ve gotten older, my hands have decided that writing long hand is too painful to be productive.  Therefore, I do the creating in my head and on index cards, type it up, then edit long hand.  That gives me the tactile sensation of the paper and pen while still being kind to aging joints and eyes.  It works.  Sometimes.

How do you create?

Best wishes.


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