Crows Point the Way. Maybe.

wp-1461547632773.jpgIn the world of Grevared there are three towns named after the mysterious crow.  There’s Crowrest in E’ma Thalas, Ravengrace in Corleon, and Crowborough, also in Corleon.  I guess I named the towns the way I did because I’ve always thought crows were interesting birds.  Plus, I see a lot of them.

Well, this morning sort of got me thinking.  I was at my ‘real’ job when two crows landed in the parking lot (I think they were actually after the Cheetos someone had dumped out).  One of them shied away, as expected, and eventually flew off, but the other stayed.  It waddled around a bit and looked me in the eye for several minutes.  Even when a car came through the parking lot, this crow came toward me rather than moving away from me.  A few minutes later the buddy crow came back, and both stood there for a few minutes before flying off.

Of course, being the type of person who’s interested in all things mystical and magical, I had to double check some of the symbolism.

Crows have a vast symbolism across many cultures.  There are, of course, the associations with death and misfortune, but they’re also associated with wisdom, secrets, and good luck.  I had quite a few hours to ponder the situation (and who couldn’t use some good luck?), and I think Ethan may have to go visit one of these places once he’s finished with the ordeal with Cronus (book three to be released in October).  After all, Kayne is from Crowrest, so it would be a good chance for them to see some of his family.  There is also a Shadow Walker from Ravengrace, though the stories about her are still in the writing phases.  So, maybe I need to look at the crows and let them lead the way a little.  After all, what can it hurt?  In the meantime, I’ll hope for the good luck that seeing two crows is supposed to bring.

Best wishes.


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