Projects, Projects, and more Projects

CollageI’ve been working on getting a website put together, and I’m finding it to be an interesting exercise.  Part of the fun is deciding just what to put on it.  Obviously, the books that I have out, the children’s books, adult short stories, and crochet patterns (I know, those don’t really fit here.), but I also want to add information about the world of Grevared and character bios, etc.  I think the biggest issue is to remember that I know what’s going to happen about twenty years after the stories I’m currently working on and not revealing too much.  What do you think?  What are some of the things you look for in an author/book series website?

On another note, I don’t really mention my crochet stuff much, partially because it’s not relevant here and partially because my hands tend to object to the activity now.  But I wanted to mention it today because I’ve been working on getting some of the patterns I’ve created on other platforms besides Amazon.  Most of them are simple patterns that beginners can do without any trouble, and they’re more along the lines of useful items than decorations.

For those who may be interested in them, there’re links to the Amazon listings here.

Best wishes!


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