How the Shadow Walkers Came to Be

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The Shadow Walker symbol was another bizarre dream.  The two seemed to go together.

I have a page on here about the Shadow Walkers as a whole, their origin and what they do, but I was just thinking about how I came up with them to start with, and how long I’d really been working on the concept.


The Shadow Walkers began with a really weird dream I had about fifteen years ago.  It was a simple dream where I was standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean.  There was a forest behind me, and it was windy.  All of a sudden, I was looking at Abraham. (Yep, the father of the world’s three most prominent religions.)  He was holding this glowing ball of light in his hands and shoved it into me.

I thought about that dream for weeks (I did work on actual interpretation and its relevance at the time), and, for some reason, the idea of the ball of light being the Seed of Abraham kept repeating itself in my head (even though it’s stated in the Bible that this refers to his progeny).  It got me to thinking about what would happen if all the gods of mythology did something similar.  What would happen to the people they chose?  Who or what would they fight?  Would they be organized, or would they stay solitary?

Originally, the Shadow Walkers were based in our world, and the first story (the one that is now on its billionth rewrite) took place in the early 2000’s.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that our world already had plenty of champions, particularly in fantasy and science fiction.  So, the idea that they needed to live in another world was born.  From there it was a matter of creating the world.  I knew I wanted to include at least some vestiges of real mythology because that’s a topic that’s near and dear to me, and it’s one I think too many of us have forgotten or dismissed, so the idea of the remains of a universal explosion came to mind (I’ve read a good many conspiracy theories and alternate history theories, too.)

The current results of all that can be found here.  So, now, my off time is spent trying to focus on one project long enough to complete it and publish it, while my mind races through all the possibilities inherent in creating my own world.

Best wishes.


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