Cronus Attacks

cover-imageI’m pleased to announce that The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III: Cronus Attacks is now available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions.  The print version is $5.55, while the Kindle version is $2.99.  It is written on a third grade level and is around 10,000 words.  The chapters are short, and there is plenty of white space for the more reluctant readers.

Ethan Grimley is now a Shadow Walker.  He’s had to leave his home in Land’s End in Moirena and travel to Ymla in Corleon where the Shadow Walkers’ headquarters is located.  There he learns that he will have chores and school, just like at home, and he makes some new friends.  However, Ethan isn’t in the guild hall long before someone, or something, attacks.  Now his new home and new friends are in danger, and Ethan feels he has to do something to protect them, especially since they think the attack is his fault.



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