Maybe I Need to Quit Changing Things

This could easily be a ‘sunny’ day in Grevared.

I’ve almost completed my  first round revision, but I’ve come up with another issue (who’s surprised?).  While adding and subtracting scenes, it’s dawned on me that this novel could easily be two.  There are obviously two parts to it: the first takes place in the city of Freywater in the Xaggarene Empire, while the second takes place in the city of Pistonicle in Moirena.


If I make it into two books, the first would end before the characters leave for Moirena, and the second one would be their journey and resolution of that part of the situation.

Now, I’m the type that likes to read complex stories with intricate plots and myriad characters.  If I’m visiting someone else’s world (like Raymond E. Feist’s Midkemia), I want to know everything about the world.  However, readers in this day and time, so I’ve been told, prefer shorter stories with fewer details, and editors and publishers, from what I’ve heard, prefer the same.

My question is this: should I keep it the way it is and simply complete it, or should I make it the story I think it should be even if no one else ever wants to read it?  Grevared is a complex world with a lot of possibilities, and I want it to live up to its full potential, even in my own head.  On the other hand,  I wouldn’t quit writing if my life depended on it, and I would like to, one day, write full time.  So, do I leave the story as it sits (after editing and revision, of course) and try to submit it, or do I complete the current revisions and make it into two novels?

Decisions, decisions.  Guess it’s good I’m not planning to quit my day job.

Best wishes! (And feel free to comment on your own reading preferences.)


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