Daytime in the World of Grevared

IMG_20160303_083646The world of Grevared exists outside of the normal realm of time and space.  The universe did, after all, explode and compress, leaving only shattered bits of all that once was.  Because of this, there are only scattered bits of land within a gray null space.

The sun?  One exists somewhere.  It has to, for there is light and darkness.  But the people, and other beings, of Grevared have never seen it.  They’ve never seen stars.  All they know is a never-changing gray that only grows lighter and darker.

Cloudy days, like today, are perfect for working on stories that take place in Grevared.  I was sitting outside just a little bit ago and realized just how perfect it really was.  Imagine, it never gets any brighter than this.  Ever.  This is daytime.  Cloudless, non-raining, day.  For me, it’s awesome.  But how would those who love the sunshine fare?  Could they maintain their sanity?IMG_20160303_083756

That’s one advantage I have to setting the story several thousand years after the explosion of the universe.  No one alive has seen the sun, so they can only dream of what it would look like.  But how would we fare if we were to be suddenly placed in this world?  Could we survive?  Would we be able to supplement our vitamin D enough to exist?  Would we be healthy?  Could we be happy?

I wonder.


Best wishes.




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