World Evolution

The town of Grenvor in the Shizzuria Wasteland

The world of Grevared is slowly coalescing in my head.


At this point, I’m trying to break away from the images that have been with me since childhood, those placed in my mind by reading my favorite authors.  I’ve come to realize over the last few weeks, as I plod through the job of editing my first draft, that these images, those imbedded by Tolkien, Raymond E. Feist, and Terry Brooks, are directing my thoughts when it comes to my own world.

When I try to picture Grevared, I see Midkemia, Middle Earth, and the Four Lands, yet Grevared isn’t like these.  It’s its own place with coal-powered generators, rail lines, and corpses animated by a combination of technology and magic.  It’s been difficult to get Grevared to resolve itself in my mind, and, therefore, on the page, but I think I’m finally making progress.  I’m starting to see it for itself instead of in reference to the other worlds that have been homes to me.  I think of this as a victory of sorts and hope I can move forward and bring the world to life for others.


Best wishes!


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