Deciding on the Elements

100_0707I’ve been working on the rewrite of the adult novel I’m working on and trying to decide what elements of the world I’d like to keep as they are and which ones I want to change.

The world of Grevared is primarily a fantasy world with the typical elves, dwarves, etc.  But there’s also an element of technology in the world.  Inquisitor Gertrude Wall creates animated corpses and vapor cognitions using a mixture of technology and magic.  So, do I want to keep the world primarily magical, or do I want to give them technological luxuries like trains?

I’m also realizing that, in the process of writing the first draft, there’re a lot of little details that I’ve left out.  For example, I’m pretty sure the woods of E’ma Thalas would contain animal life, so I’m in the process of determining what types of animals I want to include and whether they will all be from the ‘real’ world, or if they should be more fantastical.

It’s fun to try to figure all this out as I try to solidify the world of Grevared in my head and in my writing.


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