Random Thoughts: Progress Slowed


Lalia Fallohide ComicI’ve been working on revisions for my adult novel (though I still haven’t figured out which way I want to go with publication attempts), but progress has been slowed because I keep changing things.  Originally, there were some minor plot inconsistencies that I needed to iron out. No big deal.  Then started to really think about it, and now about half the story is changing.  I think it’ll be for the better (I hope so, anyway),
but it does take time and effort to do.
Thankfully, it’s something I love doing.

Best wishes!

The Tuatha De Danann – A Brief Overview

Lalia Fallohide ComicI’m a mythology and folklore junkie, so most of the worlds I create contain aspects of ancient legends.  My current work is no different.  Though it’s still in its early stages, it is loosely based on the Tuatha De Danann of Irish lore.

According to legend, the Tuatha De Danann came from the northern lands of the world where they had studied occult lore and magical arts.  There were four mythical cities in this part of the world: Findias, Gorias, Falias, and Murias, and each city was home to a druid of advanced knowledge and learning.  Each druid fashioned an article of great power, and these were brought with the Tuatha De Danann.

The Stone of Fal came from Falias and was placed at Tara.  It was said that the stone would cry out when stepped upon by the true kind of Ireland.

A spear was fashioned in the city of Gorias, and this spear was given to Lugh.  The person who wielded this spear was undefeatable in battle.

The sword wielded by Nuada, king of the Tuatha De Danann, came from the city of Findias.  In some sources it’s called the Sword of Truth, and most of the legends say that none could stand against it once it was pulled from its scabbard.

The Cauldron of Plenty came from the city of Murias.  This cauldron belonged to the Dagda and could provide food enough that none ever walked away from it hungry.  (In Welsh lore, there is a cauldron that can reanimate the dead.)

The Tuatha De Danann arrived in Ireland in great ships.  Once they’d gone ashore, they burned the ships so there would be no chance of escape.  The smoke from the burning ships was seen all over Ireland and gave rise to the legend that the Tuatha De Danann arrived on clouds of mysterious mist.

There are many stories of the Tuatha De Danann and their battles and alliances with the Fir Bolg and Fomoire, who also laid claim to the Emerald Isle, and the Tuatha De Danann were eventually defeated.  They were allowed to remain in Ireland, but they were consigned to live underground.  The fairy mounds are said to be the entrances to their homes, and each of the Tuatha De Danann was assigned a mound.  From them we get the fairy legends of old, and these beings are said to still reside in Ireland.

For those who, like me, prefer their mythology and folklore from older sources, the Internet Sacred Text Archive has digitized many of the ancient works and is a great site to find source material.

While this is simply a very brief overview of the Tuatha De Danann, the following links are to sources that go into more details about them and the fascinating mythology of Ireland.

The Second Battle of Mag Tuired

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Video on the Tuatha De Danann

The Annals of the Four Masters




World Evolution

The town of Grenvor in the Shizzuria Wasteland

The world of Grevared is slowly coalescing in my head.


At this point, I’m trying to break away from the images that have been with me since childhood, those placed in my mind by reading my favorite authors.  I’ve come to realize over the last few weeks, as I plod through the job of editing my first draft, that these images, those imbedded by Tolkien, Raymond E. Feist, and Terry Brooks, are directing my thoughts when it comes to my own world.

When I try to picture Grevared, I see Midkemia, Middle Earth, and the Four Lands, yet Grevared isn’t like these.  It’s its own place with coal-powered generators, rail lines, and corpses animated by a combination of technology and magic.  It’s been difficult to get Grevared to resolve itself in my mind, and, therefore, on the page, but I think I’m finally making progress.  I’m starting to see it for itself instead of in reference to the other worlds that have been homes to me.  I think of this as a victory of sorts and hope I can move forward and bring the world to life for others.


Best wishes!

Random Ramblings

FreywaterI’ve been doing some major revisions on my world, but I’ve been seriously stuck on where the story needed to go.  There was one aspect of it that just didn’t make sense and needed to be redone, but nothing I did made it any better.  I finally got passed that tonight, so I’m hoping I can move forward on that one.

There are several others that I’m still stumped on, but I’m hoping these will clear themselves up soon.

Deciding on the Elements

100_0707I’ve been working on the rewrite of the adult novel I’m working on and trying to decide what elements of the world I’d like to keep as they are and which ones I want to change.

The world of Grevared is primarily a fantasy world with the typical elves, dwarves, etc.  But there’s also an element of technology in the world.  Inquisitor Gertrude Wall creates animated corpses and vapor cognitions using a mixture of technology and magic.  So, do I want to keep the world primarily magical, or do I want to give them technological luxuries like trains?

I’m also realizing that, in the process of writing the first draft, there’re a lot of little details that I’ve left out.  For example, I’m pretty sure the woods of E’ma Thalas would contain animal life, so I’m in the process of determining what types of animals I want to include and whether they will all be from the ‘real’ world, or if they should be more fantastical.

It’s fun to try to figure all this out as I try to solidify the world of Grevared in my head and in my writing.